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Your trees need to lead a healthy life to stay strong and give you years of pleasure. No matter what the season, a sound tree should withstand the test of the elements and time. Bailey Tree is the arborist you can count on to provide conscientious general tree care that ensures their sustainability and promotes the right kind of growth. Trees and bushes offer a wide variety of advantages to your property and the neighborhood. They provide homes for small animals and birds, offer shade on hot days, prevent soil erosion, and, of course, expel oxygen into the atmosphere. For these reasons and more, general tree care is a priority.

Our tree trimming service ensures the safety of your property by managing the overgrowth of branches and limbs and helps to prevent disease and rot from spreading. Most trees love to be pruned as it encourages additional growth in areas they need, and discourages growth where you don’t want it. When you notice a problem tree, give us a call, and we can determine the action required to correct the issue. Our tree pruning service is what you need to keep your property safe, and the trees healthy and beautiful.

About Us

A small firm by choice, Bailey Tree, believes in the value of focusing on quality-first, customer-centered arboriculture. Trusted for our experience and consistent results we take pride in delivering the attention to detail of your trees that you deserve.

Owner, Cory Bailey, works on every job himself. With his conscientious staff, he ensures that each project receives the level of attention needed for quality tree work. Cory graduated with honors from Fairfield University, and his work as a licensed arborist reflects a lifelong love of the outdoors.

Bailey Tree was established in 1988 by Cory, following 11 years of logging and tree work in Maine, Oregon, and Connecticut.

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